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Quote Me Cards

Quote Me Starter Pack

Quote Me Starter Pack

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Gather 'round, movie buffs! It's time to put your knowledge to the test with Quote Me - the wild card game that'll have you feeling like an A-list celeb on game night! Show off your vast knowledge of movie quotes, challenge your friends to a battle of wits, and enjoy 54 playing cards jam-packed with your favorite flicks. So, are you ready to be the star?

Split into teams & shuffle the deck. The card reader will have 60 seconds to help their team guess as many quotes/movies as possible. Each question is worth 1 point & bonus questions will give you an additional point if answered correctly; you are able to receive the point for the bonus question even if you answer the main question incorrectly. 


The Starter Pack includes: 
  • 54 playing cards (multiple choice, finish the quote, name the movie)
  • 1 instruction card
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Amazingly Fun game!

I bought this game due to seeing it online, shipping was super fast and even came with a thank you card! Great game to play with friends, will have you snapping your fingers trying to remember where you heard that quote from. Great for a wide range of ages, and it will have you wanting to re-watch movies and shows. 10/10 would recommend


Love this game!!!

Erin Tankersley
Fun game

My sister and I are huge movie buffs, so I got her these for Christmas (as well as a pack for myself). We haven’t played yet, but I can tell it’ll be fun when we do.

Candice Moore
Creative and Fun!

Great game for movie buffs - could definitely see playing this with group of friends.

Brittney M.
Excellent game for family & friends

We played “Quote Me Cards” on the 4th of July with our family poolside and had such a good time. The questions were challenging and the quotes were classic! We ended up quoting movies the rest of the day!!! Great family game! And know your movies!!! We are waiting for the marvel addition to come out 👀